Research is good. Generally, people trust research. But general valid rhetoric (“according to a study conducted in the USA …”) and studies based on unknown sources, are not reliable unless the reliable source is specified. If the source is not specified, it is understood that the narrator wants to gain confidence about what he says and refers to somewhere. In the past, when I was an executive, I needed a job, customer satisfaction surveys, etc. I have met with research companies in many stages in the works. The research job would be misleading if you think of it as a simple task, ask questions and collect information, then compile, evaluate by phone. Research is a very complex and critically determined scientific activity. So it is an approach that can only be trusted if done correctly. To cut it short I want to say that I did a research. You may trust me, but I say don’t trust me, do your own research. There is no need for such scientific approaches. Go into life, find the right people and ask the right questions.

When I was consulting a company a few years ago, I wanted to work on the field with field sales representatives. We made customer visits with two people working in different regions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. My goal was to understand their circumstances, get to know the customer profile and make a training plan for them accordingly. The first sales representative said, “We will have a lunch together with you, the friend who will go to the field in the afternoon will come there, he will take you there, you can continue in the afternoon,” he said. I confirmed. We chatted a bit during the meal and I tried to understand his conditions. “How did you find me, sir?” Can you give me some feedback? What can I do to perform better? ” he said. I liked this ( solicited feedback approach) very much and after telling him some of my observations, I said, “Let me ask you a question now.”

– How are your business results, do you achieve your sales targets?

– Sir do not se me as arrogant, but I am a successful employee. There are 250 sales representatives in our company; I am always in the top ten. I have been working here for 5 years.

I was very happy to hear that, and my research began spontaneously.

So why are you successful and you keep maintaining this success? What are the underlying roots of your success?

He was thrown as if he was waiting for the question.

– It has many reasons. First of all, I have a specific goal about myself. I never forget and keep it on my mind. Second, I always try to exceed the goals my company and supervisor gave me.

So, is there another third point?

– Of course. This is just as important as the others. I love my job and work hard.

Our conversation was over as the other salesperson came, we said goodbye to the first friend, met with the second person and went on the field together. In the afternoon, visits continued. In the evening, the sales representative told me, “If you have time, let me have a tea, I will be very happy if you tell me your comments. I would like to hear from you how and what I do. ” ) Congrats  again solicited feedback)

I accepted it and we sat in a patisserie. I briefly conveyed my observations for this afternoon. A voice inside me poked me and I asked him the question I asked the first sales representative.

– Sir, I am successful, there are 250 sales representatives in our company. I have been working for three years; I will be among the best 50-100 every year.

I thought, not bad, in the first 25 percent and 40 percent. Although he is not as good as his friend in the morning, he is also a successful sales representative.

I asked the same question to him.

– How did you do it? What are the underlying causes of success?

The answer surprised me a lot. Because he did not have lunch (as I described), he did not hear what the first friend said.

-Sir, I just got married. We decided with my wife and aimed to buy a house in five years. (He has a special goal)

– Then, when my manager gives me seasonal goals, I always think about how to overcome them and work accordingly.

I was excited, as he was expressing the same root causes with different words. Well, I said, what would you advise to another one?

– I never give up, I always work, I work efficiently. Because, I love what I do.

I don’t know if my little research provides the necessary conditions and replaces reliable research, but when I talked to real people and got a similar answer, I wanted to explain this situation. Because there is a repetitive model and this model is successful. Why should other people not take this model as an example? In the meantime, there are three main reasons that bring people to success. After reading this article, you can do two things. The first is to try this model. The second is to do your own research. Let’s see what other examples and models can behave towards success.