I went to the hotel after having  finished my work in Ankara that day. The young lady at the reception welcomed me with a smile and took quick action. She took a photocopy of my identity document and indicated me the name, address and signature to write. She would obviously fill in other information herself. She quickly wrote the number on the room card. As I was leaving, “Do you have a desire?” she asked. I asked her to enter the wi-fi code and asked for the wireless network password. She stated that I could enter directly without a password. In such unencrypted network connections, I told her that you seem to be connected to the internet, but whether or not you can send e-mail, I had seen  in a few places and I hope that this will not happen, and I went to my room. It took me few minutes to place my things. I opened my computer to look at my e-mails, and I was afraid. I looked connected, but neither mails were coming nor there was an internet connection. At that moment the phone rang and the lady at the reception, whose smiley face was read from her voice, asked if I could access the Internet.

When I said the situation, she said, “Don’t worry, I will send a private modem to your room.” When I said I was going to have dinner, she said, “If you allow me, our technician can come to your room and plug in the modem.” I approved and went out to dinner. While returning from the meal, the lady in charge gave me the information while passing by the reception. “Modem was plugged in, technician tested, you can easily go online”. I thanked her and praised this excellent business behavior that caught my attention. Her face blushed and she thanked me gently. I immediately thought and asked: “What is it that drives you to work like this enthusiastically? The answer (I ask the source of attention motivation) was actually no secret:

First, I love the work I do, it makes me happy to be in contact with people, and the second is the essence of praise that you say.

Do I need any major research?