You can use three different methods or equipment, both when managing virtual teams or when conducting regular or non-periodic company external meetings:

  1. Teleconference
  2. Webinar
  3. Video Talk / one-to-one or group conversation
    Although there are some common points in applying these three methods, it is useful to examine them separately, since the roles and participation types in each are different. Video Conversations
    Video conversations or meetings are similar to the webinars, but they have different features in terms of content. Therefore, you will see the points to be considered in this method below. You can join these meetings as a manager or listener.
    If a business meeting is held, appropriate clothing must be worn. Do not wear T shirts and pyjama you may need to stand up at any time.
    Pay attention to your screen angle (there should be no angle to create a cross-bottom or partial view)
    Your device (checking the phone / tablet or computer in advance, working status, charging status, image quality, connection quality)
    Consider your method of preventing someone else to enter your environment, ask not to be disturbed.
    Notifying the interview time in advance
    To send the subject or agenda of the meeting to all participants before the meeting
    If it is possible to inform the participants about the meeting materials (skype, zoom; teams, Jist Go to meeting, whereby etc.), it is possible to enable the participants to enter by clicking on a single link (if necessary, inform the meeting password in time)
    Opening the meeting ten minutes before the meeting time (in some systems, others cannot enter before entering the host)
    To greet the new participants by the name of the meeting (it may be difficult if more than 20 people enter at the same time. In such cases, remind the participants who may not know each other. Or new participants can be seen from the screen with the name of participants
    Testing that everyone’s sound and vision are of good quality before opening the meeting
    To open the meeting just in time, to specify the subject, agenda first
    Looking at the camera while talking and not missing eye contact
    Explain how to speak and ask questions at the meeting
    Since there will be a confusion in the participation of more than five people, first of all, mute all mics except for the speaker and his own microphone.
    The manager should speak slow and by using short sentences
    Paying attention to who wants to express an opinion on the screen
    Unlocking the people’s microphone who was hand or wants to make comment
    Watch/listen carefully what is spoken
    Reminding people if it feels misunderstood, ensuring correct understanding
    Taking notes if there is a task sharing
    Making reminders for questions, comments and contributions
    To keep the agenda in order
    To make a brief summary of the issues agreed at the end of the meeting
    Indicate the next steps
    Close the meeting

Attending the meeting on time
Greeting the manager alone, not making a private conversation with someone
Turn off the microphone after the meeting has started (Administrator can also mute)
Pointing when you want to ask questions (raise hand)
Pointing when you want to comment
Talking to him when he is allowed
Listen carefully while others are talking
Not being busy on the phone, newspaper or any other work
Not getting out of the screen except for the very mandatory situation
If it is a presentation meeting with a multi-participant and a speaker, the display screen can be turned off, but in this case a photo or picture should be placed that allows you to understand who you are