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What is SpeedAssessment

SpeedAssessment ™ is an innovative and effective assessment process developed with more than 20 years of assessment centre experience. SpeedAssessment™ turns all the disadvantages of traditional evaluation centres into an advantage. SpeedAssessment™ increases participant satisfaction up to four times. SpeedAssessment™ contributes to the “employer branding”. SpeedAssessment™ manages to revolutionize as an innovative and effective approach. SpeedAssessment™ guarantees the highest possible predictive validity of 89%. As SpeedAssessment™, our mission is to bring together the management of the company with innovative, highly valid and reliable assessment practices focused on participant satisfaction.

How is SpeedAssessment™ applied?

SpeedAssessment™ sessions held remotely (video conferencing) or face-to-face are conducted interactively with multi-alternative case sets and expert SpeedAssessors that progress in a single scenario. SpeedAssessment™ sessions last for three hours and forty minutes and result in immediate feedback and development plans. Only 50 minutes of the sessions conducted as “stand-alone case preparation” for the participant. Remaining are fully interactive with SpeedAssessors. It is an innovation to run almost 80% of the total time with the SpeedAssessors. In traditional evaluation centres, the time spent with the assessors is just around 30% of the total assessment time. This is one of the main reasons for the low level of participant satisfaction.

The Exceptional Advantages of  SpeedAssessment™

  • SpeedAssessment™ increases participant satisfaction up to four times (94%). This rate is measured as 24% in the traditional assessment centre.
  • SpeedAssessment™ is focused on “employee experience”. SpeedAssessment™ glorifies your “employer branding”.
  • SpeedAssessors manage a people-oriented, friendly and positive assessment process. The aim is to bring out the participant's best performance and provide objective, comparable data.
  • SpeedAssessment™ makes its promise of speed in every step: three hours and forty minutes of implementation, feedback and customized development plans and recommendations are completed. The participant's quantitative assessment results are sent to the company immediately after the evaluation. The detailed assessment report is sent (in Turkish or English) within 48 hours following the assessment session.
  • With SpeedAssessment™, the employee loyalty and experience of your internal candidates increases up to “four times” compared to the traditional assessment centre. Even if your external candidates are not hired, their opinions about your brand are increasing 94% positively. They are ensured to be your customers and “brand ambassadors” even if they are not become your employees.





Executive SpeedAssessment ™

Aiming General Manager, AGM, Director (GM; GM-1; GM-2) levels; Executive SpeedAssessment ™ is an innovative evaluation application that determines the suitability of senior executives for the targeted positions. It is performed by our consultants with Executive SpeedAssessment ™ certification. It has a wide range of uses such as recruitment, determination of development needs or applied at the beginning of coaching / mentoring processes. It offers fast, unique process management and predictability in making these critical decisions.


Mid-level Manager SpeedAssessment ™

It is an innovative approach that measures the potential of new and experienced mid-level managers, team leaders, ekperts and supervisors. It has a wide range of uses such as promotion, recruitment, determination of development needs or applying at the beginning of coaching - mentoring processes. “Process and manpower management (for companies applying double career paths) potential definition” distinguishes and offers unique process management and predictability.


Group SpeedAssessment ™

Group SpeedAssessment ™ is a unique and innovative assessment method in hiring new graduates, MT’s, engineers and sales force. 24 participants are evaluated in half-day case-based assessment processes. This interactive experience, which walks in both training and assessment format, contributes to your employer brand and allows you to stand out in talent battles.

It's very easy to get the SpeedAssessment™ service. Just tell us the purpose of the evaluation (recruitment, promotion or development) and the target level, telephone and e-mail address of the participant.  Let us arrange everything that remains. You don't even need a human resources specialist / department in your company for this.

SpeedAssessment™ is the only brand and system providing the same quality and content with a remote video - conference system. You do not waste time and money to bring the candidates to a specific place, to accommodate them.

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