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Executive SpeedAssessment ™

Aiming General Manager, AGM, Director (GM; GM-1; GM-2) levels; Executive SpeedAssessment ™ is an innovative evaluation application that determines the suitability of senior executives for the targeted positions. It is performed by our consultants with Executive SpeedAssessment ™ certification. It has a wide range of uses such as recruitment, determination of development needs or applied at the beginning of coaching / mentoring processes. It offers fast, unique process management and predictability in making these critical decisions.


Mid-level Manager SpeedAssessment ™

It is an innovative approach that measures the potential of new and experienced mid-level managers, team leaders, ekperts and supervisors. It has a wide range of uses such as promotion, recruitment, determination of development needs or applying at the beginning of coaching - mentoring processes. “Process and manpower management (for companies applying double career paths) potential definition” distinguishes and offers unique process management and predictability.


Group SpeedAssessment ™

Group SpeedAssessment ™ is a unique and innovative assessment method in hiring new graduates, MT’s, engineers and sales force. 24 participants are evaluated in half-day case-based assessment processes. This interactive experience, which walks in both training and assessment format, contributes to your employer brand and allows you to stand out in talent battles.


SalesVentura ™ Sales Management Effectiveness

It guarantees the effectiveness of your sales team with the development of your sales managers. Determining corporate-specific sales steps allows you to achieve results through processes where sales management will develop “modern skills of sales management” as well as field studies. Sales managers are enabled to use the “magic trilogy of sales management” effectively: Face to Face, Working Together and Meeting Management.


Leadership Trilogy™

The most modern trio of leadership development: Individual Leadership, Executing Leadership and Strategic Team Leadership. Leadership Trilogy™ is an effective and result-oriented leadership development program shaped around workshops, collective projects, one to one sessions and real life experiences. It provides excellent integration into corporate-specific leadership development programs. It offers multi-dimensional leadership development processes ranging from 6-12 months.


Change Management

Change is necessary nowadays it was never so important before. Our experienced consulting team determine the need for change and the change road map is prepared by senior management with the help of our consultants. It covers the adoption of middle level management.


LTSI ™ - Leadership Team Success

It is a collective evaluation tool where your senior management team's ability to create value together is compared with the most successful examples in the world. It evaluates the top management team as a whole and brings the action plan back to the management team. LTSI ™ - Leadership Team Success enables companies to achieve the highest profitability target with short, practical, efficient and most cost-effective process management.

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